PACHI CHUAN - ‘Eight Infinite Fist’ One of the oldest fighting styles known to man, Pachi Chuan is also seen by some as the deadliest style within all the systems of kung fu. This powerful form is known for its formidable close-range attacks and strong elbow strikes. Bruce Lee mastered the ‘One-Inch Punch’, but how many styles, when performed correctly, guarantee a ‘One-Punch Kill’?

PIKUA CHUAN - ‘Splitting and Deflecting Fist’ According to legend, there exists this poem about Pachi and Pikua Chuan: “When Pachi Chuan and Pikua Chuan are added together, the Gods and Devils fear it. When Pikua Chuan and Pachi Chuan are combined the heros are astonished and fear they will fail to reach their power.” What more needs to be said?

TANGLANG CHUAN - ‘Praying Mantis Fist’ Much has been written about this fairly young, but highly effective system, known as mantis-style Kung Fu. There are Northern and Southern variants, Wu-Tang and Shaolin derivatives, but Master Su is the only Master alive today teaching all five sub-styles (Chishing, Meihua, Papu, Liohoe, Pimen) of authentic Tanglang Chuan.

PAKUA CHUAN - ‘Eight Trigram Fist’ Based upon the stations of the I-Ching and following within the lineage of the great teacher Gong Bao Tien, this powerful Internal Martial Art moves the body of its practitioner like that of a snake. Opponents will find the Pakua practitioner mysteriously behind them. Should they have the chance to actually grab the practitioner, it will only be for a moment… within the realm of Internal Martial Arts, Pakua Chuan reigns supreme.

TAI CHI CHUAN - ‘Grand Ultimate Fist’ Does that translation bring to mind a park full of elderly men and women twisting and turning slowly in the cool air of early morning? While the benefits of this Internal art are world renown, it has been largely forgotten that Tai Chi Chuan began as a fighting form. Master Su’s Tai Chi Chuan reawakens the hidden strength of this (yes - it’s true) deadly martial art.

HSING-I CHUAN - ‘Mind Intent Fist’ A true battlefield art, Hsing-Yi, or Mind-Boxing, is defined by its powerful linear attacks and devastating strikes. The Hsing-I system was originally designed for soldiers wearing armor, but, classified as an ‘internal’ style, modern practitioners often perform its movements slowly, without attention to the power behind them. Master Su’s Hsing-I looks back to the style’s military roots and focuses fast, powerful strikes.