Master Su Yu-Chang

Master Su Yu-Chang is the director and founder of the Pachi Tanglang Martial Arts Association, focused on the study of the Tanglang (Northern Praying Mantis), Pachi, Pikua, Hsing-I and Tai Chi styles of kung fu. Master Su also holds a doctorate in Chinese medicine and teaches Chinese philosophy.

Master Su began his studies at an early age and learned as as disciple of the legendary Chinese martial artists Chang Te-Kuei, Wei Hsiao-Tang, Li Kuen-Shan and Lui Yuen-Chiao. Known for his great speed and fighting ability, he was dubbed “Lightning Fist” by the martial arts community and was a Chinese national kung-fu champion by the age of fourteen. In 1968, he competed for the Taiwanese national team at the International Martial Arts Championship in Malaysia and won the all-around Gold Medal.

Master Su received his doctorate in Chinese Medicine and taught medicine, philosophy, and martial arts at Taiwan’s National University, the Pedagogical Institute, Fon Chia University and Fu Yen University. He has also served as Director of Martial Arts for the Asian Games, a combat instructor for the Taiwanese Military School, and vice-president of the South American Martial Arts Federation.

In 1978, Master Su travelled to Venezuela where he established the Pachimen Institute of Venezuela and taught at the Central University of Venezuela.

In 1989, he relocated to Spain, where he trained special security teams for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and established new branches of Pachi Tanglang Martial Arts in Barcelona and Mallorca.

Master Su Yu-Chang is the author of five books on Chinese martial arts and philosophy, and has created sixteen instructional videos on Mantis, Pachi, Pakua, and Tai Chi. Pachi Tanglang Martial Arts has branches in Taiwan, Japan, Spain, New York, Venezuela, Malaysia, Switzerland, Norway, Colombia, Argentina and Holland.