The School

Master Su founded the first branch of the Pachi Tanglang Martial Arts Institute in Venezuela in 1978. He has since opened branches, or allowed senior students to open them, in Japan, Spain, Holland, Taiwan, Norway, Malaysia, Switzerland, Columbia, Argentina and Manhattan. He travels between the schools for much of the year, but maintains his base of operations in New York. During his travels, Master Su attends classes at the schools he visits and holds seminars for local and visiting students. While Master Su is traveling, Manhattan classes are led by senior student Cary Kung.

At the end of each year, usually between December 27th and January 5th of the new year, an international seminar is held for all of Master Su’s students, giving them the opportunity to meet, practice and study together with Master Su. The training schedule is rigorous, with focused instruction in forms and techniques from multiple styles. Daily training begins early in the morning and lasts into the night, ending with a lecture and discussion period. Meal and rest breaks are scheduled between segments, and some touring around the hosting country is usually scheduled for New Year’s Day. Students come home tired and often sore, but, more importantly, with a wealth of new kung fu knowledge and experience.